If age is just a number, then reaching 50 and beyond isn’t old, right? But if you’re not feeling your best and looking great then I am here to help. I will show you how to celebrate the woman you would like to become instead of being defined by a number. Through great nutrition you will feel and look truly ageless. 


I know how it feels to have devoted your life to raising a family and juggling a busy career only to find that you have put your own health at the bottom of the list of priorities. That’s why my programs are uniquely tailored around you. I will help you find your lost energy, reduce those menopause symptoms, overcome digestive problems, headaches, joint pain, restore your sleep patterns and eliminate frequent colds and coughs. I will show you how to incorporate healthier foods into your own and your family’s diets.

Marina age 57, mother of 3

"Many women's health problems can be prevented, managed and improved

with a healthy diet and lifestyle"


As a result of my practical, simple and life transforming programs you will not only feel more in control, sleep better with increased energy, less symptoms and feel more able to cope with your busy life but you will look and feel younger too – the natural way! Simply choose which level of support you require:

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