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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The most effective way to protect yourself against viruses is to have a strong immune system that is fully supported by the nutrients found in food.

Lab made vaccines and quick fix supplements will never replace the complexities involved in absorbing nutrients from food. It is the real food nutrients and not Lab made ones that interact at a cellular level to boost your immune system.

The immune system's response to vaccines can make you more susceptible to viruses!

All viruses want an easy host. An easy host has a diet loaded with anti-nutrients such as sugar, processed foods and very little fresh fruit and vegetables. It should be of no surprise that a diet lacking enzymes and vitamins will negatively impact your immune system.

5 Easy Ways to Bullet Proof Your Immune System

The safest way to fight off infection and keep any flu at bay is to bullet proof your immune system.


DO NOT use any cough remedies, or nasal sprays, or any over the counter medications. French authorities have recently warned that widely used over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications may worsen the effects of viruses including the coronavirus.


Drinking warm lemon water with cayenne and/or raw unpasteurised honey will help detoxify and flush the system, and make your body extremely inhospitable to infection (lemon, honey and cayenne contain the nutrients equipped to fighting off sickness)


Sugar in all its forms is the most immune depressing substance. Sugar hinders white blood cells’ capacity to destroy viruses. Furthermore, sugar causes the body to lose essential minerals which then triggers inflammation.


Vitamin C is an overall immune booster as it stimulates immune function and helps protect you from both the common cold and flu. The best way to have Vitamin C is to eat citrus fruits and sip on lemon water throughout the day. Vitamin C in its natural form is more effective than supplements because consuming the real deal allows all the fruit's nutrients to interact together for proper absorption at a cellular level.


If you do come in to contact with a flu virus then garlic can destroy it with its powerful sulphur containing compounds (allion and allicin) that have antiviral effects! To reap the power of garlic’s flu-fighting properties, it’s best to have a raw clove every four hours, in the same way you would take over the counter flu remedies. The best way to take the garlic is by cutting the clove into small pieces and swallow with a small teaspoon of raw honey, which also has antiviral properties. If you still find going raw difficult then add a few extra garlic cloves to soup.

The best anti virus shots in the world are available to you naturally. See our next post to learn how to make these simple shots at home with very few ingredients!

Thank you for reading!

Anthony & Marina

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