A tea ritual can create a place of

simplicity and sanctuary

in our daily lives


Creating more space around making a Kuptea can consciously make you feel more present. Therefore, enjoy a moment of relaxation with one of our holistic teas of power.​

Heat your Water

The foundations of bringing Kupatea to its full potential begins with the element, water.

  • We recommend using filtered water

  • Fill your kettle with fresh filtered water and heat to a rolling boil

  • Do not use re-boiled water as it looses oxygen which is needed to bring out the flavour

Quantity of Tea 

  • You'll need about one generous teaspoon of tea per 6oz tea cup (a traditional teacup rather than a mug)

  • Place the tea in either a diffuser or teapot 

Time your Steeping

  • Pour the heated water over the tea and cover 

  • The teas vary to different infusing time but generally between 5-10 minutes produces the best results

  • We recommend experimenting to find your ideal time for the flavour to develop to your preferred taste

  • However, take care not to steep for too longs this can make the tea taste bitter


Enjoy your Tea

  • Remove the infuser

  • If using a teapot use a tea strainer and pour the steaming tea into a tea cup

  • Sweeten with raw honey if desired

  • Allow the tea to cool for a moment

  • Sip


Be Present

  • Enjoy the tones, charm and intricacy of flavours and aroma

  • This is tea drinking!


No matter which Kupatea you are sipping on, they have huge nutritional value

(per 100 grams)

Nutritional Value

  • Calories 37

  • Total Fat 0.7g

  • Total Carbohydrate 7g

  • Protein 0.4g

  • Sodium 3mg

  • Potassium 9mg

Nutritional Facts

  • Saturated fat up to 0.005g 

  • Monounsaturated fat up to 0.012g

  • Polyunsaturated fat up to 0.002g

  • Cholesterol level is 0mg

  • Does not contain dietary fiber and sugars

Vitamins & Minerals

  • Vitamin A (5%)

  • Vitamin C (30%)

  • Iron (47%)

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