THE 12 HOUR WINDOW The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well (Hippocrates) The 12-hour window is essentially intermittent fasting but made easy! There are many credible studies supporting many health benefits of intermittent fasting and the easiest way to fast without cutting out food for days on end is through the application of the 12-hour window! WHY THE 12-HOUR “FASTING” WINDOW IS IMPORTANT FOR HEALTH When we eat, glucose levels rise, and insulin is released into the bloodstream where it is used as an energy source. By eating regularly, especially carbohydrates, throughout the day insulin levels are always elevated and the body is denied the op


we need these vitamin goldmines in winter time It's season time for juicy citrus fruits and just as well because we need these vitamin goldmines in winter time. They contain an abundance of vitamin C and antioxidants which are both great for keeping colds and flu at bay, but the real question is do you also take the pith? What is the pith? Just in case you're wondering, the pith is the white threads stuck to the peel and sometimes on the actual fruit itself, how much pith remains on the fruit depends largely on how you peel it. I always leave large amounts of pith on my oranges or satsumas because I can't be bothered to strip the segments bare! When my children were younger, I'd peel the ora


The 'Deadlift' is definitely one of the few single exercises that work the upper and lower body in the same movement, making it essential for all round fitness. Deadlifts are traditionally performed with a long olympic bar which not only takes up lots of space but can sometimes look a little intimidating to the regular gym user. "Deadlifts... a little intimidating to the regular gym user" Deadlifts are also a recognised competitive sport requiring lots of teaching points, unfortunately this leads to many of us afraid to try it on our own. It has a fairly high level of difficulty which potentially increases the risk of injury when practising without a trainer. Thats why kettle bell deadlifts

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