Energy balls are by far the easiest, healthiest and quickest treat to include in your diet Energy Balls are by far one of the easiest and healthiest treats to make, they only need a handful of ingredients to make them deliciously nutritious and best of all they can easily be customised to your own specific dietary needs. Energy Balls are the perfect healthy snack that you can grab on the go or keep in your fridge at home or even at the office. They are also great as a quick pre-work out snack, eat one or two about half hour before your work out to be adequately fuelled for your gym session. Energy Balls are also an effective post work out snack too that will help with your recovery! Energy B

Age Without "Ageing"

"If age is all in the mind, how do we keep it from creeping down into our body?" I just recently turned 55! Wow I'm getting older and older as time passes so quickly and there's nothing I can do about that. None of us can slow down time! However, what we can do is slow down the effects of aging. There are things we can do to make the inevitable ageing process more gracious because, luckily, life has an amazing ability to adjust to demands! If you stay active your muscles and your mind stay youthful for much longer! This is also true on how we nourish ourselves, we can feed our bodies into staying younger for longer. "clean and Natural foods are nature's Anti Ageing Remedies" If "age is all

Better Than Squats?

During all my years of training clients and prepping for competitions, squatting exercises are always at the top of my list for effective muscle toning, booty building, general fitness and weight loss. Squats primarily use your legs and bum (the largest muscles in your body) which means they will burn the most calories when you train them! However, combining a squat with a rowing movement burns even more calories because you're including another large muscle group...your back! Not to forget you're also using your arms and your rear delts (back of your shoulders) in the same movement. 3 Reasons Why You Should Include Squat To Row In Your Program Squat to row is a great way to warm up quickly

Have you forgotten about this awesome exercise?

When I first started training I used to make the fundamental error of mostly training my chest and biceps also known as the "mirror muscles" which was all the rage back in the day! But this led me to having consistent niggles and minor injuries because my physique was unbalanced and my posture was bad. I knew I had to change my training and incorporate a much more tailored exercise program. So, I started training my back and triceps (the back of my upper arms) a lot more to prevent my shoulders from leaning forward, giving myself a more aesthetic look. This is why I strongly recommend including Straight arm pulldowns into your training routine. This exercise has tremendous benefits and will

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